Posted by: Lisa | January 31, 2011

Smarty Pants

Derek: “Did you sign that paper in my folder?”

Me: “Yes.”

Derek: “So can I do it?”

Me: “Yes.”

Derek: “What is it for?”

Me: “Why do you want to do it if you don’t even know what it is??” *sigh* “Your student teacher just asked if she could interview you.”

Derek: “Interview me? … For what?”

Me: “That just means she wants to ask you questions so she can learn about being a teacher.”

Derek: “I don’t know how to be a teacher!”

Posted by: Lisa | January 21, 2011

Picking up speed

We finally moved up another rung on the ladder of technology and ordered DSL. I really don’t have anything else of interest to say, but I kinda wanted to see how much faster blogging would go. I used to get kinda frustrated if I was trying to put a post together with a lot of pictures and it would take forever!!! So I’m going to try to put some recent pictures on here (though I haven’t taken many lately), but that’s about all I have for today. :) Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Oh my goodness! I didn’t even reduce the size of the picture like I used to do and it took me less than a minute! This is cool. Excuse me while I play a little more. :)

That was Christmas Day where we live, by the way

This is amazing! I could go all day!

Riley got a huge bone for Christmas


Jeremy got a HUGE jar of peanut butter ... ate a huge chunk of it for breakfast


Mimi & Gramps took us to Universal!!

Don’t ask me what Derek and/or my Dad are doing. It’s just better not to ask.

And, how many of you wondered, “where’s Thing 2?” You know, we got asked that ALL. DAY. LONG. We left him at home, okay?!?!

Don’t laugh at the shirts! It wasn’t quite intentional, but I discovered it was a lot easier to spot each other!

Posted by: Lisa | December 21, 2010

Santa Claus is … n’t coming to town!!

Last week Derek challenged me about the existence of Santa, so Dan and I decided to have “the talk” with him. So our 6-year-old now knows “the truth.” And guess which of his older brothers still believes? Well, not anymore, ’cause we decided to go ahead and break the news to Jeremy as well. We were a little worried it would be traumatic for him to hear this. But he took it pretty well …

“Jeremy, I have to tell you something. Santa doesn’t really exist.”


See how well he took it? :) We did discuss it further and he believes me now. I thought he was going to cry, but he did okay. It is strange, yet actually kinda fun to not have the whole Santa secret going. We can talk openly about it, and they know all the gifts come from us. In fact, I told Dan I wished we hadn’t ever bothered to tell them the Santa lie in the first place. Dan said he agreed. However, neither of us agrees about who was actually the initiator behind it. We both claim that we didn’t want to start the Santa thing when they were younger, but that the other one wanted to do it. So, go figure!!!

I do have to apologize to any of our friends whose children still believe … I think our kids are more likely to ask around and see if any of their friends think Santa is real. It might start your kids thinking about it!!

Posted by: Lisa | October 25, 2010

What’s new with us?

I have received several remarks lately (mostly from family members) that they have missed my posts. I am truly sorry not to have been entertaining you the past few months (said with tongue in cheek). This is certainly not a promise that I am going to start writing again, but I thought I’d just give a general update on how things are going for us, and maybe I will write again soon. Maybe.

As you know, the boys are all in school now. I had conferences with their teachers a couple weeks ago, and of course they’re all doing really well.  Derek seems to have emerged as a leader in his class (not really surprising), and according to his teacher, he’s the one all the others kids want to be friends with (which is surprising, considering how bossy he is).  But she says it’s helpful with another boy in particular who won’t listen to her. She also calls him a little math wizard. Gee, I am so glad none of our boys struggle with math, considering their parents both majored in it!!

In fact, all 3 of the teachers I met with said that their strongest suit is math. Funny! They all are reading above their grade level too. It is really fun to have all of them reading. I love to listen to Derek read out loud.

Also, all 3 teachers used the word “sweet” to describe the boys. Maybe because they’re separated from each other! ;)

Jeremy’s teacher took note of the fact that Jeremy really enjoys nature. He is going on a field trip today (eek! I forgot about that!) to a local farm, and I know he will really enjoy it. (It’s raining right now, though – yuck!) Jeremy is our boy that loves animals and bugs. Spiders, however, especially big ones, literally make him cry. (When I asked him why he is afraid of spiders when he loves bugs so much, he said, “But Mom, spiders are not bugs.” DUH, Mom!! He is so knowledgeable about the things he loves.)

Nathan is really good at math, but he also likes to read. When he is in the middle of a book, he is completely absorbed and the rest of the world is nonexistent to him (sounds kinda like his mother!). He’d literally walk around the house with a book in front of his face if we didn’t tell him to put it down until he got to where he was going.

Jeremy & Derek are both playing soccer this season. Neither of them is especially aggressive, but I think they have potential. Nathan is still involved with Cub Scouts. He is in Webelos this year.

Dan seems to have a really good class this year. That is a lot less stressful for him, and that makes for a happier daddy and husband at home! :)

I have been working the 10-4 shift at the restaurant, and the timing is great for getting the boys onto the bus and then off again.  With any other job I was considering, my biggest dilemma was how I was going to get them to school. (And yes, I know that plenty of other parents have the same problem and manage to work it out!)

I actually really enjoy the lunch shift at the restaurant. It is fast-paced because of the short breaks people take for lunch, and we have a lot of regulars that I am getting to know. I really enjoy the feel of a small community, and it is even smaller when you see so many faces every day, and then out around town.

Dan and I went to our first Virginia Tech football game on Saturday and had a blast! I loved it. The sun was really beating down on us, and I didn’t take water because I thought we weren’t supposed to take anything with us, so I regretted that when I started to get dehydrated. I broke down and bought us drinks ($3 for a bottle of water and $4.50 for a large coke – it’s like the movies, sheesh!). The lady next to me kept chatting, which was fine, and everyone around us gave us high-fives every time VT scored (which was a lot this time). We finally got the hang of “H-O-K-I-E-S, Hokies!” by the end of the game.

We have been enjoying our new preacher at church. He is a great guy, and we love his whole family. I am still teaching the teen girls on Sunday nights and the ladies’ class on Wednesday nights. Both are going well! The boys all moved up in classes at the beginning of September, and it is strange in a way. Derek’s class went from the pre-school hallway upstairs to the classrooms that are downstairs. Man, they grow up too fast! So many of our friends from church are having babies lately – there must be something in the water! And all of them girls! We have had 3 girls born to church families just since April, the last one joining us last Tuesday.

I took the boys to Nathan’s boy scout Trunk-or-Treat last night. Derek was a skeleton, Jeremy was a knight, and Nathan was a girl. Nathan’s costume was so funny, but unfortunately he was so embarrassed when he got there, that he was kinda mopey the whole night and didn’t have any fun. I wish he would have just hammed it up a little and had some fun! It would have been a lot funnier.

(Nathan will probably kill me for posting that.)

Anyway, that is about everything going on right now! I have to get to work! :)

Posted by: Lisa | September 1, 2010

First Day(s) of School 2010

Posted by: Lisa | August 5, 2010

Giant Walnut Revealed

Well, here is what the kids were referring to as a “giant walnut.” I never claimed it was an accurate description. ;)

It’s a GIANT bean bag chair. There it is in the back of my friends’ truck.

There it is with a man and three boys sitting on it. :) Can you believe the size of that thing? Dan is pretty excited.

Posted by: Lisa | August 4, 2010

Giant Walnut

That’s what the boys call it, a giant walnut. Would anyone like to guess what we got last night that they are calling a “giant walnut”? Pictures to follow. :)

Here's a hint: you probably will not guess it, but I just wanted to see what you might think.
Posted by: Lisa | August 3, 2010

My Special Ingredient

I wish there was some way to adequately convey the tone of voice and attitude behind some of the stories I share. Two things that Derek did today were hilarious to Dan and me, but I don’t know how well it will translate in the written word. I’m going to give it a try, though. :)

Earlier Dan threw a tennis ball at Derek. (Nice, huh?) Derek said it hurt and told Dan that a tennis ball is too hard. I guess Dan said something about how it’s not that hard and Derek said, with much gesturing and attitude, “it has concrete inside it, Dad.” And Dan started laughing and was like, “no it doesn’t, it has rubber inside.” This particular ball had a rip in it and revealed a gray substance underneath, which Derek took to be concrete. Just the way he pointed at the ball and talked to Dan with all this attitude (not disrespectful, just exuberant and comical) was so funny!

Tonight after dinner Derek was looking through the cabinets and came across a box of Crumb Cake mix and asked if I would make it for breakfast tomorrow. So I said I would, and he was looking at the box and said, “look, you can make muffins instead!” We discussed if we’d prefer it in crumb cake form or muffins and decided on the muffins. Anyway. As they were baking, Derek smelled the air and said, “Mmm, that smells so good! They’re going to be good because of you, Mommy. You put in one special ingredient … love.” (he said that last on a sigh.) Seriously, who has been giving Derek lessons in drama and cheesiness?? I don’t think I have ever said anything like that before, did he honestly think of that one himself? He’s going to be the king of pick-up lines when he’s older, I’m afraid.

Posted by: Lisa | August 2, 2010

What Not To Wear in My Family

The way my kids pick out their clothes …

Nathan: in the coldest part of winter, wears a t-shirt and jeans every day. I can’t talk him into wearing long sleeves, except perhaps a hooded sweatshirt that he then takes off as soon as he gets to school.
In the warmest part of summer, he wears a t-shirt … and jeans. HOT!!! We have to force him to wear shorts!

Jeremy: he chooses a shirt and a pair of shorts that are the same color. Same. Color. Maybe slightly different shades, though, to be as nerdy as possible. ;)

Derek: whatever’s on top in the drawer will work for him. :)

Posted by: Lisa | July 6, 2010

Cool Fourth of July Weekend

I had a great weekend. I was so excited to get together with some other families with children about the same ages as ours at the house of one of our elders. We had a great time playing in the pool and talking with friends. Some of us went to see fireworks after that. They were okay, it was kinda awkward sitting on the ground next to our car in a parking lot – maybe next year we’ll try to find a grassy spot to sit. On Sunday afternoon our church had a cookout, devotional and fellowship. I loved it! We made some homemade ice cream, which turned out pretty good. The set-up was great down in our parking lot. The food was good, of course. It was fun to have our devotional outside instead – I like change. I love my church family so much – they’re so awesome! I really appreciated all the guys who moved tables and chairs and grills and canopies and such. Our devotional was great, and it was fun to sing outside to all our neighbors. I hope they liked it too!

Most of you know this already from facebook: my family has left me alone! Dan met my mom and sister on Monday to hand the boys over. My parents and sister have them for the next week. Dan took off on his own, camping & hiking & such. I don’t know what all he has planned, and I don’t even know when he’s going to be back! Hopefully he’ll call soon and let me know he’s still alive. :)

Yesterday I worked the whole day, but today after work I’ve had some time to get a few things done around the house. I still have some more laundry to do; for some odd reason I am kinda looking forward to having it all done and put away and seeing how little laundry just lil’ ol’ me makes the rest of the week. Why do I have children again??? LOL

Hope you’re all having a great summer so far! I will try to write again before we all leave for vacation next week. Love to you all!

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